Our Team

Nathan Knepp: Air Balance Professionals is owned and operated by Nathan Knepp.  Nathan, a NEBB certified technician with a passion for hunting and firefighting, has been with our company for over 7 years.  In addition to the time and energy he invests into Air Balance Professionals, Nathan served as a paid firefighter for five years and as a volunteer since 2007.  Great management and leadership skills are essential to our business success and Nathan possesses both and continues to encourage our employees to go above and beyond.

 Joel Graber: Joel is Air Balance Professionals’ NEBB certified professional with more than 12 years’ experience in the test and balance industry.  He has a passion for aviation with over 20 years of experience in aircraft construction, design, and modification. He is an active member of the local Experimental Aviation Association chapter where he has served as president for several years. Joel is also assistant director for the Christian Aid Ministries Rapid Response Team for the state of Mississippi. The Rapid Response Team is involved in storm cleanup immediately following a flood, tornado, or other natural disaster. 

 Steven Shirk: Steven is a NEBB certified technician with 6 years of experience in TAB work. He has a great overall understanding of mechanical systems and excellent work ethics. He has volunteered two years as the food program administrator for Christian Aid Ministries food parcel delivery in Haiti. He has also been involved locally in post tornado cleanup and rebuild projects.

 Roy Eberly: Roy, also a NEBB certified technician, has been with our company for four years. He enjoys the outdoors, gardening, and bee keeping. Organization and documentation are skills at which he shines. Roy has a good knowledge of mechanical systems, and his background in construction, real estate, graphic and web design are valuable abilities that he brings to our company.

 Russ Martin: Russ is a NEBB certified technician with 3 years of experience in TAB work.  He brings with him good leadership qualities as well as a knack for catching things that others overlook. He has a good overall knowledge of control, air, and pumping systems. Some of his favorite pastimes are fishing, camping, and spending time with his family. Russ has 18 years’ experience in the construction industry which serves him well here.

 Drew Fultz: Drew is the latest certified technician to join our team with 3 years of TAB experience. He graduated from Mississippi State University and Northern Illinois University in Meteorology.  His understanding of air thermodynamics and spatial analysis fits in well with our team.  He is an aviation enthusiast and received his private pilot’s license in 2011. Drew is also a member of the local EAA Chapter 1189, where he is currently serving as Vice President in addition to previously serving in a number of officer roles.  Drew is not only dependable and reliable, but he is also a team player and has excellent organizational, computer, and communication skills.